Welcome To Silver Finance & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.

Silver Finance & Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. has been registered as a Multi State Co-Operative Society under section 7 of the Multi State Co-Operative Society Act, 2002 (39 of 2002) and the rules framed there under. The registration number of the Society is MSCS/CR/563/2012 and the date of registration is 26th June 2012. The area of operation of the Society shall be confined to the States of Himachal Pradesh,Punjab,Rajasthan, Haryana ,Delhi,Uttar Pradesh and the Union Territory of Chandigarh

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  • Saving Account
  • Priority Saving Account
  • Current Account
  • Minimum Deposit   Rs.500
  • Unlimited Transactions.
  • Interest   7.5% P.a (Calculated on daily balance)
  • Minimum Deposit   Rs. 2500/-
  • Unlimited Transactions.
  • Interest   8.0%p.a
  • If amount exceeding Rs .10,000 remain with us for 48 hrs. that in case it will be converted into Flexible F.D & 11% P.a. Interest
  • Minumum Deposit    Rs.5000/-
  • Unlilmited Transactions.
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